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Updated 4 years ago
Research and collaboration provide the foundation to execute a well-planned strategy. Cartan helps clients unite sound business strategy with a powerful technology engine to deliver unprecedented value.
Cartan is a financial technology management consulting company that understands the immense pressures being faced by traditional businesses today. The increasing rate of technological change fueled by focused, innovative, data-driven start-ups has caused many successful organizations get caught unprepared in their own environment.

The competitive landscape has been shifted with the help of many globally disbursed new entrants that are quickly capturing market share with highly iterative and client-tailored solutions. Traditional research and development programs are proving to be too slow and overly rigid to identify and develop innovative solutions.

Companies now need to become disruptors themselves and look beyond their core business model. Cartan has developed a unique 180° Enterprise Innovation Lab to help organizations understand and adapt to this new environment by piloting, adopting, and quickly deploying new technology that ignites meaningful and positive impact.

Our core philosophy is to operate as a nimble, hungry start-up. We have small teams of highly skilled professionals who work with our clients to educate, research, identify, plan and execute a strategy that reinvigorates corporate innovation and builds a data-driven decision architecture.
Who We Are

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