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180° Entreprise Innovation Lab

180° Enterprise Innovation Lab
180° Enterprise Innovation Lab
Updated 2 years ago
In the new digital age, disruptive ideas can be implemented immediately and pioneers can capitalize on opportunities at any given moment. Our 180° Enterprise Innovation Lab is designed from the ground up to advise large institutions and empower adaptable teams to shape and transform their business.

Start-ups are able to move quickly, iteratively try new ideas, build on innovative trends, and deploy potentially disruptive technology at an unprecedented rate. Established enterprises can be caught in a wave of competition and rapidly changing client expectations. Executing traditional business model strategies derived from outdated understandings can inflict substantial and lasting damage to company value.

Cartan has developed a unique 180° Enterprise Innovation Lab that transforms large operations and complex processes into small, distributed and empowered teams. We help clients quickly develop and integrate innovative, agile solutions that are ready to scale at your own pace.

The 180° Innovation Lab is structured as follows:

  • 30-day Analysis – the first 30 days of the Innovation Lab focus on identifying market opportunities and aligning capital constraints with key performance indicators.
  • 60-day Development – the next 60 days is spent developing a small proof-of-concept solution specifically designed to remain adaptable while focusing on the identified opportunity.
  • 90-day Monitoring – the final 90 days is focused on adapting the concept solution iteratively based on comparing initial project assumptions against real-world responses and feedback.

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