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Investment Manager Solutions

Investment Manager Solutions
Updated 2 years ago
Cartan Group presents a comprehensive offering that meets the needs of the contemporary investment manager. Our tailored service solutions can provide assistance and support across a range of manager functions, such as portfolio performance reporting, risk analysis, and professional investor presentations.
How We Can Help

Our offering is suitable for managers across a variety of asset classes and strategies. We provide a cost-effective, flexible resource to help you meet your needs of a comprehensive, institutional risk reporting regime.

  Do you need help managing credit, currency and interest risk?
  Do you require assistance with professional fund factsheets and custom investor presentations?
  Do you need institutional reporting on key portfolio return and risk metrics or financial modeling to evaluate capital opportunities?
  Do you need help calculating risk and reserves, or prepare other reports to CIMA?
  Are you a fund management business looking for qualified professionals to satisfy your economic substance requirements from the Cayman Islands?
Investment Manager Solutions
Industry Expertise
  • Banking & Treasury

    • Let us analyse your treasury allocation strategies to help you better understand your liquidity position and assist with calculating risk and reserves.
  • Capital Management

    • We provide advanced risk and return metrics in a customizable report to help drive your strategic decision-making process.
    • Our team of software engineers can integrate and develop solutions for real-time dashboards to maximize decision-making efficiencies.
  • Blockchain

    • Virtual asset fund managers can use a combination of our deep understanding of virtual assets with our institutional reporting services to deliver tailored reporting metrics to investors.
    • Research proof-of-work networks, proof-of-stake networks, institutional custodians, and develop risk rating matrices for exchanges to streamline your fund management functions.
  • Insurance

    • We utilize advanced data analytics to perform feasibility studies and provide risk calculations to assist in the management of insurance policies.
    • Provide expedited preparation of report and returns to investors and CIMA.
  • Insolvency & Liquidation

    • Provide essential policy frameworks and knowledge infrastructure for the discovery, collection, management, and liquidation of virtual assets.
    • See Blockchain Asset Readiness for further information.

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