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Economic Substance Services

Economic Substance Services
Updated 2 years ago
We understand the responsibility placed on our clients to demonstrate that there is a high degree of control, strategic decisions are made, and sufficient resources are deployed in local jurisdictions to remain compliant with international tax authorities. Our professionals act as an extension of your team and provide evidence of activities performed by us.
How We Can Help

Our experienced team in capital management and developing sophisticated software solutions can help you perform your core income generating activities with the flexible capacity to scale up or scale down resources as necessary.

  Are you an intellectual property business that needs to show commercial rationale for holding your assets in the Cayman Islands?
  Are you a fund management business seeking CFA charterholders to help calculate risks, define adequate reserves, and prepare reports from the Cayman Islands?
  Do you need help demonstrating a high degree of control and evidence of decisions taking place from within the Cayman Islands?
  Does your business have adequate operations, physical presence, appropriate resources, and qualified professionals in the Cayman Islands?
Economic Substance Services
Industry Expertise
  • Capital Management

    • We provide advanced risk and return portfolio analysis in customizable formats to help you manage your capital and make informed strategic decisions.
  • Technology

    • Our professionals are qualified to take strategic decisions, manage principal risks, and help you develop, maintain, protect, and enhance your intellectual property from the Cayman Islands.
  • Blockchain

    • Let us help you build your network monitoring platform, analytical frameworks, or proof-of-concept minimum viable products to drive adoption and build community growth.

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We love making new connections and helping build innovative solutions. We suggest grabbing a coffee and discussing the possibilities.