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Blockchain Asset Readiness

Blockchain Asset Readiness
Blockchain Asset Readiness
Updated a year ago
Cartan has a deep understanding of the bleeding edge technology that is leading the blockchain evolution. Our team helps our clients understand and assess the applicability of blockchain in their business, advise on the network design from the perspective of all stakeholders, and oversee the deployment plan to ensure a successful implementation.
The founders of Cartan pioneered, developed, implemented, and operated the first and only regulated blockchain asset custody service in the Cayman Islands. Our team has advised government and regulatory bodies on the potential impact of this emerging industry, and we are a member of the government committee responsible for recommending and outlining legislative changes to embrace these developments.

Cartan has a unique understanding on how businesses in the emerging blockchain environment can exist, operate and comply within the existing regulatory infrastructure.

We first help our clients make a strategy assessment to determine if blockchain is the right solution. Once a compelling benefit can be shown, our team then proceeds to help design a solid network architecture that encompasses all stakeholders. Our professionals have experience in all major public networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, EOS, and Tezos, and can advise on the benefits and pitfalls to building on existing or new cryptographically secure networks.

Our team can help you understand how to unleash the full capabilities of this new technology within your company and help navigate the intricate implementation that follows.

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