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Blockchain Asset Readiness

Blockchain Asset Readiness
Updated 4 years ago
Our team helps our clients understand and assess the applicability of blockchain in their business, advise on the network design from the perspective of all stakeholders, oversee the deployment plan to ensure a successful implementation, develop policies, procedures and controls to prepare your business for a blockchain environment, while complying within the existing regulatory infrastructure.
How We Can Help

Cartan Group combines financial institutional experience and legislative advisory roles with a deep understanding of distributed ledger technology to offer a unique comprehensive perspective to our clients.

  Does your company require assistance navigating through these technological advancements?
  Interested in learning how blockchain can impact your core business practices and processes?
  Looking to connect with leading blockchain solution providers?
  Want to understand how blockchain is applicable to your industry, competitors, or target clients?
  Does your company require a framework of policies and procedures to prepare your business for blockchain adoption?
Blockchain Asset Readiness
Industry Expertise
  • Banking & Treasury

    • Create the internal foundation and knowledge base to facilitate the upcoming integration to the new global payment infrastructure.
  • Financial Services

    • Establish and invest ahead in order to support the forthcoming decentralised financial structured products and system.
  • Capital Management

    • Let us help you understand the features, security, and potential flaws of various blockchain protocol networks to evaluate your token investment opportunities or to issue your own securitized token product.
  • Blockchain

    • Drive institutional adoption by creating a commercial strategy to introduce your network to regulated organizations and oversight authorities.
  • Technology

    • Explore how to integrate your existing digital product or service with a distributed, layer-1 infrastructure.
  • Legal

    • Manage legal title in a transparent, public, and immutable ledger to ensure validity and accuracy.
  • Insolvency & Liquidation

    • Make sense of client and industry data as well as analyse information to assist with virtual asset valuation, recovery and restructuring.
  • Insurance

    • Invest in a global digital ledger to unite data, policies, premiums, and managing claims.

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