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Data Discovery & Analytics

Data Discovery & Analytics
Updated 4 years ago
Data has emerged as a significant commercial factor of production and organizations must ensure that their data becomes a powerful company-wide asset. Our team can help you combine internal and publicly available datasets; validate data integrity to ensure consistency, accuracy, and completeness; and use statistical techniques to help you make more informed decisions.
How We Can Help

Cartan Group can help your business build an iterative data discovery process that helps unlock the value of your data and uncover relationships through modeling, analysis, and systematic algorithmic processes.

  Does your company need help making data-driven decisions and capitalizing on business trends
  Are you looking to verify or disprove a hypothesis, theory, or model?
  Do you need help identifying, capturing, and extracting valuable and meaningful insights from your data?
  Do you have an effective data supply chain engine for continuous data collection, cleansing, and analysis?
Data Discovery & Analytics
Industry Expertise
  • Banking & Treasury

    • Better understand your customers by detecting positive and negative sentiment in customer reviews, queries, social media responses, and other available sources.
  • Financial Services

    • Systematically gather publicly available information and combine it with your proprietary dataset to improve strategic decision-making. See our private funds transparency report.
  • Compliance

    • Transform onboarding data, risk monitoring alerts, ongoing direct interactions, and other online activity into a structured dataset to provide a holistic client profile overview.
  • Blockchain

  • Insurance

    • Deploy machine learning, deep neural networks, and other complex algorithms to perform predictive analytics and deliver powerful insights.
  • Legal

    • Recognize and extract key entities from within legal documents and automatically create document relationships graphs and classify them with custom document categories.

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