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Outsourced CFO & Finance

Outsourced CFO & Finance
Updated 2 years ago
Bring your vision into the mainstream with a fully-fledged, high performing finance division that performs alongside your core revenue functions. Be it start-up, growth phase or established and going through a pivotal transition, Cartan Group can create structure and re-architect your finance operations to help you move your business forward.
How We Can Help

As a technology driven consulting firm, we can provide cost effective efficiencies through process automation, streamlining and re-engineering. We can also provide professional resources and tailored solution to your business.

  Do you need financial know-how and operations in the Cayman Islands?
  Does your company need to transition to a scalable accounting system?
  Struggling to reconcile so many accounts on the month end?
  Looking for help to make sense of all your financial data and need it analysing into bite sized chunks?
  Do you need your finance function to catch up with your tech vision?
Outsourced CFO & Finance
Industry Expertise
  • Insolvency & Liquidation

    • Make sense of client and industry data in new emerging market areas. We can help you source and analyse information to assist with asset valuation, asset recovery and restructuring.
  • Technology

    • Build a finance function that matches the breadth and pace of your primary tech product. Outsource your CFO function for operations and let us help you build your finance team while on the go.
  • Banking & Treasury

    • Let us analyse your treasury function to help you better understand your liquidity position.
    • Streamline your reporting process requirements for the regulator with systems solutions that automate data collation and analysis in the right format, any time you want.
  • Financial Services

    • Implement technology to streamline your finance functions with integrated solutions built specifically for your process.

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