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Introducing Algorand COVID-19 Data

In response to COVID-19, the Algorand Foundation designed and created a survey to enable individuals to directly report their real-time COVID-19 status anonymously. Filling out this survey can help build an open global database and provide valuable insight about how COVID-19 is affecting people worldwide. The Algorand Foundation seeks to serve the community and support future research studies on pandemics.

All anonymous responses are publicly stored on the Algorand network to ensure free and permanent accessibility to everyone. In our continuing effort to promote transparency and an open economy, we have built a tool to monitor the COVID-19 account for survey transactions and store all responses in an easily accessible data file. These files are updated every 12 hours.

Download the CSV file.
Download the JSON file.
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Brian Tang, CFA
Brian Tang, CFA

Brian has a unique background working at investment management firms, family offices, hedge funds, and private banks. He has advised senior management on strategic and investment decisions, led department-wide change initiatives, and is always looking to improve efficiency, teamwork, and collaboration.

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