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200M Algo Staking Reward Program

Cartan Group is pleased to present our dashboard for the 200 million Algo staking reward program (the “Staking Reward Program”). The dashboard can be found at

Algorand is the first permissionless and pure proof-of-stake blockchain network and is able to provide the security and scalability necessary to support the global financial services system. Algorand continues to expand the network’s functionality and develop programs that provide benefit to its community members. The Algorand network launched on 19 June 2019 when the inaugural Dutch auction was completed to begin disbursement of Algos into circulation.

On 6 August 2019, Algorand continued that commitment by announcing the Staking Reward Program which rewards community members and those that share its vision for the long-term success of the Algorand network. Qualifying participants registered their commitment by signing a transaction before block number 1618450, which occurred on or about 31 August 2019.

Cartan has committed to be an active and engaged member in the Algorand ecosystem. The Algorand network is one of the most unique consensus-driven algorithms and we believe that over the next few years Algorand will be one of the most widely adopted decentralized networks. As our first step towards this commitment, we developed a dashboard that provides a transparent interface to monitor the activity and transactions surrounding the Staking Reward Program.

This dashboard presents key statistics for the Staking Reward Program. It summarizes the total rewards distributed to date as well as the remaining rewards to be distributed. The dashboard shows information regarding the next reward distribution such as the reward amount, the reward date, and the number of days until the reward date. Finally, the dashboard lists the registered participants, the active total staking balance, and the number of Algos rewarded on a per Algo basis.

The system is made up of two segments, the dashboard server and blockchain monitor service. The dashboard server is currently updated daily by the blockchain monitoring service as we wanted to publish the dashboard as quickly as possible. It is our intention over the next few months to turn the monitoring service into a real-time system as well as expand the dashboard reporting to include additional key performance indicators. If you have any requests, feedback, or questions, we encourage you to email us at

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