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Cartan Group Launches 360° Industry Monitor

Cartan Group is proud to announce our latest analytics platform Our 360° Industry Monitor is the next development phase from our Private Funds Transparency Report and will initially focus on data from the Caribbean international financial centres. This industry monitor is powered by a growing network of algorithms that continuously discovers, categorises and analyses publicly available data.

The initial list of available jurisdictions is as follows:
 • Bahamas
 • Bermuda
 • British Virgin Islands
 • Cayman Islands

Our early access 360° beta Industry Monitor is currently providing a small subset of the data being collected, with significant capacity to expand the functionality to other regions, greater insights and in-depth background data. New features, jurisdiction specific datasets, and trends will be provided to early users allowing them to spot market opportunities before their competitors. Please find an example of Cayman licensed entities below.

Brian Tang, CFA
Brian Tang, CFA

Brian has a unique background working at investment management firms, family offices, hedge funds, and private banks. He has advised senior management on strategic and investment decisions, led department-wide change initiatives, and is always looking to improve efficiency, teamwork, and collaboration.

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