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Scaling Governance

Scaling Governance
Scaling Governance
Updated a year ago
Complex regulations have made engaging effectively with banks, regulators, government bodies, and other external stakeholders a fundamental component to long-term business viability. Our team helps develop robust risk management controls, establish corporate best practices, and create transparency reporting frameworks.
As start-ups evolve from idea to proof-of-concept and continue to grow toward mature corporations, it is often irresponsible to neglect having a strong governance process in place during your rise to success. It is crucial for decision-makers to understand the effects of their commercial and strategic choices both on internal team members and external interested stakeholders. The number and sheer influence of these external stakeholders continue to grow.

Cartan can help implement a culture of robust corporate governance that supports business expansion. Our team first conducts a stakeholder analysis to identify key stakeholders, assess the nature of their influence and importance, and develop tools to manage and monitor those relationships. We help implement disciplined internal policies and procedures that will demonstrate a strong commitment to uphold a high standard of corporate best practices.

Our foremost goal is to ensure that the necessary supervision in place and that an effective and comprehensive oversight policy becomes the foundation to support a stable and fast growth engine.

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