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360 Industry Monitor

360° Industry Monitor
360° Industry Monitor
Updated 2 years ago
Executives must understand and be informed of current market structures, competitive advantages, new market entrants, and potential industry disruptors. Cartan has developed a 360° Industry Monitor platform to collect and analyze millions of data points to highlight market signals and uncover novel opportunities.

In today's competitive environment, it can be difficult to separate true market signals and trends from misleading noise. Organizations need to prioritize industry data collection, categorization and analysis concerning clients, competitors and related industries or risk becoming included as a growing trend of disrupted companies.

Cartan has developed a 360° Industry Monitor that provides clients with an industry specific overview and analysis of the current marketplace, rising threats, and potential opportunities. Our platform examines millions of data points surrounding venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, social media and news to help clients understand the competitive landscape and navigate future trends.

The 360° Industry Monitor also incorporates a deep dive, client-tailored organizational assessment. Our team will analyze your business, key performance indicators, client trends, technological infrastructure, operational procedures, data management and relationship structure, and corporate best practices.

After completing the readiness assessment, Cartan will deliver an ongoing 360° Industry Monitor report that will identify disruptive newcomers, predict emerging trends, reveal competitor strategy and identify new market opportunities.

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